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This is the website of LAMPPIX, the Linux Live CD booting a webserver. LAMPPIX allows you to burn your web projects (i.e. PHP presentations or Perl scripts) onto a CD-ROM and give them away to others. They will only have to insert the CD and reboot -- if you configured LAMPPIX right (and this is really easy!) they can view your project.

To find out more about LAMPPIX, read the documentation and READMEs. Or, for questions, go into the Forums or mail me.

Current desktop version: 1.1
Current mini version: 1.1


2007-04-14: Removed the wiki because of spamming. If you wish to contribute for documentation, please mail me. Anyway, it has been a long time since the last versions of Lamppix.. Hope I can find some time for a new version that will include UnionFS (will make it possible to add new packages on-the-fly w/o remastering)

2004-12-06: Added a mirror for Lamppix Mini 1.1, thanks to Stephan Krauß.

2004-09-05: Added the Documentation Wiki. Feel free to add your own Howtos!

2004-08-31: Lamppix Mini 1.1 is out now! Hope you enjoy this version. It includes various improvements, see changelog. Booting from RAM is supported now :)

2004-08-08: Added links to other Linux pages.

2004-08-04: Added a page about donating.

2004-07-06: The LAMPPIX Mini-CD is available now :) In difference to the desktop version of LAMPPIX, it includes only the necessary tools for running a web server (XAMPP 1.4.5) and Mozilla Firefox 0.9 from CD. It's mainly intended for making presentations. Additionally, it includes PostgreSQL now :) The Kernel is 2.6.7. While booting LAMPPIX shows you a bootsplash.
Please note to download an ISO sized 113576 KB from Ibiblio, i.e. lamppix-mini-1.0.iso.correct.real and rename it to lamppix-mini-1.0.iso.

2004-06-05: LAMPPIX 1.1 available for download now :)

2004-06-03: Today I uploaded the new version: LAMPPIX 1.1. It should be available very soon. Many things have changed! Look in the Changelog for detailed information.

2004-05-21: I've launched the new website for LAMPPIX. As I got a lot of mails with questions or suggestions, I'm sure there are some users out there!
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