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1.1: (in no special order)

  • harddisk installer works now

  • cleanup

  • new Kernel: 2.6.6 (vanilla from + KNOPPIX patch + bootsplash)

  • use ALSA for sound

  • added Xcdroast

  • added CUPS

  • added Abiword

  • added Dlume

  • added Captive

  • updated a lot of packages

  • changed default language to English

  • removed all busybox symlinks and replaced those programs with their more powerful brother

  • added XFree86 4.3 and use it instead of Xvesa X server

  • added menu entries

  • XAMPP package is now included within the KNOPPIX filesystem -- it hasn't to be extracted while booting, so booting should be much faster now

  • some parts of the XAMPP package have moved into the /usr/lampp directory to keep the ramdisk clean and let Lamppix boot with only 128 MB of RAM

  • better looking background image


  • initial release

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