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Lamppix FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Fairly unsorted till now and a lot of open questions I think

Common questions

What is the password for root?

   lamppix, but you could also use "sudo su"

What is the password for lamppix?

   ??? - What would you need the lamppix password for?

How could I avoid entering (e. g.) "lang=de"?

   Replace every occurrence of "lang=us" with "lang=de" in isolinux/isolinux.cfg on the CD.
   (Replace it by remastering or adding a new session.)
   Latter doesnt work for sure, but I didnt tried remastering.
   But I found a workaround: Put the following line in /www/
     perl -i.bak -pe 's#"us"#"de"#ig' /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
   It replaces the Standard-US-Keyboard in keyboardlayout de
   I doubt this really does the job, at least not for the shell (aterm).
   Remastering and modifying isolinux.cfg works perfectly, however:
     Follow the steps "Option b: Modify the Lamppix ISO and Burn A CD"
     of GettingYourFilesOnTheCD and insert step 4 1/2 as
       perl -i -pe 's#lang=us#lang=de#ig' master/isolinux/isolinux.cfg
     - that's it!

Some special keys dont work, even with lang=xy

   try xlanguage=xy
   which keys would that be?
   I never made such experience (see code for 'lang=de' above)

Why does "DHCP broadcasting for IP" not work?

   cause there is no dhcp-client. But you could use netcardconfig.
   Try "pump -i ethX" or "dhclient ethX"
   my lamppix-mini does get a hdcp address!

Which services could I start with cheatcodes at bootprompt?

   Only ssh, sysconfig, lp, nfs, ftp (see end of /etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig)


The cheatcode "toram" crashs my computer. Why?

   The toram boot option doesn't work with Lamppix 1.0, 1.1 and Lamppix-Mini 1.0.
   This bug was fixed in Lamppix-Mini 1.1.

When will the next version be released?

   When it's done, of course. You can speed up development,
   if you inform Tino about your wishes, ways to realize them, or you fix bugs.

Questions about XAMPP

Hard disk Install

My boss is happy with the concept of my proposed website. I demostrated the site from the live Lamppix CD. Now how do I make Lamppix run as fast as possible? Can I make my Lamppix powered site run faster from a hard disk on my computer?

How do I install it to the hard disk? (Can it be done?)

Minimum Hardware Specifications

I've tried another distribution on my Pentium 100 with 64MB ram and it seems to run fine (without X) apart from I can't seem to get MySQL installed and running. Can I run LAMPPIX on this specification of machine to serve a maximum of around 20 simultaneous web users?

Questions about browser

Which browser is used in Lamppix to view the sites on the webserver? Can it be chosen somehow?

   firefox (just type that command--followed by a URL--in a shell)

Question about Sql dumps

Does Lamppix automatically load the mysql-dumps.tar.gz from www/ or do i have to write this into the ? If it does, where does it load it? Because if it loads it into RAM, it could happen that the database wouldn't fit into memory.

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