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Lamppix is a Linux Live CD based on Knoppix ( and Damn Small Linux ( It includes Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Perl. That means, it includes XAMPP of plus PostgreSQL.

Everything is pre-configured, so you can simply insert the CD, reboot and enjoy a running webserver.

You can include your own PHP scripts and they'll run right off the CD. You can even include complete Content Management Systems (CMS) like Typo3 or Mambo to work with them.

Imagine the possibilities Lamppix provides you. For example, your boss wants you to create a dynamic website. You go back to your desk and boot your copy of Lammpix. After some development work your site is now ready for a presentation. However, your boss wants you to show hime your site using his PC. You take either your remastered Lammpix CD or the original CD and your thumb drive with your data to your boss' PC. You hand the CD to your boss and ask him to insert the CD and reboot because it is that easy. Now you demo your site after the site boots off the Lamppix CD. Your boss is impressed because everything works as planned. He's even more impressed that the site demo did not change the wallpaper or screen saver on his computer. You explained that there was no worry because the whole site was contained in the CD-ROM and ran out of RAM on his PC. Now imagine that your boss is a very important client. Not only did your site presentation work beautifully, you earned extra points because you didn't have to mess around with the PC to make the site work properly.

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