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These are the Debian packages that are included in LAMPPIX 1.1. Besides, the XAMPP webserver package is included.

| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name                     Version                  Description
ii  a2ps                     4.13b-2                  GNU a2ps - 'Anything to PostScript' converter and pretty-printer
ii  aalib1                   1.4p5-20                 ascii art library
ii  abiword                  2.0.7+cvs.2004.05.05-1   WYSIWYG word processor based on GTK2
ii  abiword-common           2.0.7+cvs.2004.05.05-1   WYSIWYG word processor based on GTK2
ii  adduser                  3.51                     Add and remove users and groups
ii  agrep                    2.04-2                   Text search tool with support for approximate patterns
ii  alsa-base                1.0.4-3                  ALSA sound driver common files
ii  alsa-utils               1.0.4-1                  Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (utilities)
ii  apt                      0.5.25                   Advanced front-end for dpkg
ii  apt-utils                0.5.13                   APT utility programs
ii  arping                   2.01-3                   sends IP and/or ARP pings (to the MAC address)
ii  ash-knoppix              0.2-4                    A smaller version of the Bourne shell enhanced with some builtin
ii  aspell-en                0.51-1-1                 English dictionary for GNU Aspell
ii  aterm                    0.4.2-10                 Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X window system
pi  atmelwlandriver          20030613-1               OpenSource Linux Drivers for Atmel AT76C503A-based Wireless Devi
rc  aumix                    2.8-6                    Simple text-based mixer control program
ii  aumix-gtk                2.8-6                    Simple mixer control program with GUI and text interfaces
ii  automount-knoppix        0.5-4                    Auto-generate autofs(5) lines on demand
ii  base-config              1.72                     Debian base configuration package
ii  base-files               3.0.15                   Debian base system miscellaneous files
ii  base-passwd              3.5.4                    Debian base system master password and group files
ii  bash                     2.05b-8.1                The GNU Bourne Again SHell
ii  bc                       1.06-14                  The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language
ii  bind9-host               9.2.3+9.2.4-rc2-1        Version of 'host' bundled with BIND 9.X
ii  binutils                   The GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
ii  bsdmainutils             6.0.13                   collection of more utilities from FreeBSD
ii  bsdutils                 2.12-6                   Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite
ii  bzip2                    1.0.2-1                  A high-quality block-sorting file compressor - utilities
ii  captive                  1.1.5                    NTFS filesystem using Microsoft Windows drivers
ii  captive-install          1.1.5                    Instant installer for Microsoft Windows platform filesystem acce
ii  captive-lufs             1.1.5                    LUFS module for Microsoft Windows platform filesystem access.
ii  cdda2wav                 2.0+a27-1                Creates WAV files from audio CDs
ii  cdrecord                 2.0+a19-6                command line CD writing tool
ii  cloop-module             1.02-1                   The compressed loopback block device kernel module
ii  cloop-utils              2.01-1                   Tools for handling with cloop compressed volumes
ii  console-common           0.7.25                   Basic infrastructure for text console configuration
ii  console-data             2002.12.04dbs-16         Keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fallback tables for console-tools
ii  console-tools            0.2.3dbs-52              Linux console and font utilities
ii  coreutils                5.0.91-2                 The GNU core utilities
ii  cpio                     2.5-1.1                  GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files.
ii  cpp                      3.2.3-1                  The GNU C preprocessor.
ii  cpp-3.2                  3.2.3-8                  The GNU C preprocessor
ii  cramfsprogs              1.1-5                    Tools for CramFs (Compressed ROM File System).
ii  csh                      20020413-1               Shell with C-like syntax, standard login shell on BSD systems.
ii  cupsys                   1.1.20final+cvs20040330- Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server
ii  cupsys-bsd               1.1.20final+cvs20040330- Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - BSD commands
ii  cupsys-client            1.1.20final+cvs20040330- Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - client programs (SysV)
ii  dash                     0.4.26                   The Debian Almquist Shell
ii  ddcxinfo-knoppix         0.6-5                    Monitor/Graphics card DDC hardware detection
ii  ddrescue                 1.03-1                   copies data from one file or block device to another
ii  debconf                  1.4.25                   Debian configuration management system
ii  debconf-i18n             1.3.8                    full internationalization support for debconf
ii  debianutils              2.5.4                    Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
ii  deborphan                1.5-1                    Find orphaned libraries
ii  defoma                   0.11.7                   Debian Font Manager -- automatic font configuration framework
ii  dhcp3-client             3.0+3.0.1rc13-1          DHCP Client
ii  dhcp3-common             3.0+3.0.1rc13-1          Common files used by all the dhcp3* packages.
ii  diff                     2.8.1-2                  File comparison utilities
ii  dillo                    0.8.1-1                  GTK-based web browser
ii  dlume-0.2.2a             0.2.2a-1                 Dlume is nice, Gtk 2-based address book. You can easily add, edi
ii  dnsutils                 9.2.3+9.2.4-rc2-1        Clients provided with BIND
ii  dosfstools               2.10-1                   Utilities to create and check MS-DOS FAT filesystems
ii  dpkg                     1.10.21                  Package maintenance system for Debian
ii  dselect                  1.10.10                  a user tool to manage Debian packages
ii  e2fsprogs                1.33+1.34-WIP-2003.05.21 The EXT2 file system utilities and libraries
ii  eject                    2.0.13-1                 ejects CDs and operates CD-Changers under Linux
ii  esound-common            0.2.29-1                 Enlightened Sound Daemon - Common files
ii  fdutils                  5.4-20030718-1           Linux floppy utilities
ii  file                     4.02-4                   Determines file type using "magic" numbers
ii  fileutils                5.0.91-2                 The GNU file management utilities (transitional package)
ii  findutils                4.1.20-3                 utilities for finding files--find, xargs, and locate
ii  fontconfig               2.2.1-3                  generic font configuration library
ii  fping                    2.4b2-to-ipv6-7          Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts.
ii  ftp                      0.17-12                  The FTP client.
ii  gawk                     3.1.3-3                  GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing language
ii  gcc-3.2-base             3.2.3-8                  The GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
pi  gcc-3.3-base             3.3.1-0pre0              The GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
ii  gconf2                   2.6.1-2                  GNOME configuration database system. (daemon and tools, for GNOM
ii  genliloconf              0.1-3                    simple utility for auto-generating of lilo.conf files
ii  genromfs                 0.5.1-3                  This is the mkfs equivalent for romfs filesystem
ii  gimp                     2.0.1-1                  The GNU Image Manipulation Program, stable version 2.0
ii  gimp-data                2.0.1-1                  Data files for The GIMP, stable version 2.0
ii  gimp-nonfree             2.0.1-1                  GIF support for the GNU Image Manipulation Program
ii  gksu                     1.0.7-1                  graphical frontend to su
ii  gnome-keyring            0.2.1-2                  GNOME keyring services (daemon and tools)
ii  gnome-mime-data          2.4.1-2                  base MIME and Application database for GNOME.
ii  gnome-vfs-httpcaptive    2.3.8captive2            Improved http handler for GNOME virtual file-system libraries
ii  gnupg                    1.2.4-4                  GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
ii  gpart                    0.1h-4                   Guess PC disk partition table, find lost partitions
ii  gqview                   1.4.2-1                  A simple image viewer using GTK+
ii  grep                     2.5.1.ds1-2              GNU grep, egrep and fgrep
ii  groff-base               1.18.1-15                GNU troff text-formatting system (base system components)
ii  gs-common                0.3.6                    Common files for different Ghostscript releases
ii  gs-esp                   7.07.1-6                 The Ghostscript PostScript interpreter - ESP version
ii  gsfonts                  8.14-2                   Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s)
ii  gsfonts-x11              0.17                     Make Ghostscript fonts available to X11
ii  gtk-engines-thinice      1.0.4-1.1                ThinIce theme for GTK+ 1.2
ii  gtk2-engines-xfce        2.1.8-1.1                A GTK+-2.0 theme engine for Xfce
ii  gzip                     1.3.5-7                  The GNU compression utility
ii  hostname                 2.10                     A utility to set/show the host name or domain name
ii  hotplug                  0.0.20030805-2           Linux Hotplug Scripts
ii  hotplug-knoppix          0.5-1                    hotplug handler for KNOPPIX
ii  hwdata-knoppix           0.95-1                   hardware identification / configuration data
ii  hwsetup                  1.0-14                   Automatic hardware setup using the kudzu library
ii  ifupdown                 0.6.4-4.8                High level tools to configure network interfaces
ii  imagemagick                    Image manipulation programs
ii  info                     4.6-1                    Standalone GNU Info documentation browser
ii  initrd-tools             0.1.67                   tools to create initrd image for prepackaged Linux kernel
ii  ipcalc                   0.35-3                   Parameter calculator for IPv4 addresses
ii  iproute                  20010824-13              Professional tools to control the networking in Linux kernels
ii  iputils-ping             20020927-2               Tools to test the reachability of network hosts
ii  jfsutils                 1.1.4-2                  Utilities for managing the JFS filesystem
pi  joe                      2.8-23                   user friendly full screen text editor
ii  kbdconfig                0.5-3                    Lightweight keyboard configuration tool for Knoppix
ii  kernel-headers-2.6.6     10.00.Custom             Header files related to Linux kernel version 2.6.6
ii  kernel-image-2.6.6       10.00.Custom             Linux kernel binary image for version 2.6.6.
ii  klogd                    1.4.1-14                 Kernel Logging Daemon
ii  knoppix-graphics         3.4-3                    The background wallpaper and ksplash graphics for KNOPPIX
ii  knoppix-hdinstall        0.39-3                   A Knoppix HD-installation script
ii  knoppix-remountrw        0.5-2                    Minimalistic script for r/w remount of partitions
ii  less                     381-3                    Pager program similar to more
ii  lesstif2                 0.93.94-2                OSF/Motif 2.1 implementation released under LGPL.
ii  libacl1                  2.2.23-1                 Access control list shared library
ii  libao2                   0.8.5-1                  Cross Platform Audio Output Library
ii  libart-2.0-2             2.3.16-5                 Library of functions for 2D graphics - runtime files
ii  libasound2               1.0.4-1                  Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (libraries)
ii  libaspell15              0.50.5-2                 The GNU Aspell spell-checker runtime toolkits
ii  libatk1.0-0              1.6.1-2                  The ATK accessibility toolkit
ii  libatm1                  2.4.1-15                 shared library for ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
ii  libattr1                 2.4.15-1                 Extended attribute shared library
ii  libaudio2                1.6c-3                   The Network Audio System (NAS). (shared libraries)
ii  libaudiofile0            0.2.3-4                  The Audiofile Library
ii  libblkid1                1.33+1.34-WIP-2003.05.21 Block device id library
ii  libbonobo2-0             2.6.0-2                  Bonobo CORBA interfaces library
ii  libbonobo2-common        2.6.0-2                  Bonobo CORBA interfaces library -- support files
ii  libbonoboui2-0           2.6.1-1                  The Bonobo UI library
ii  libbonoboui2-common      2.6.1-1                  The Bonobo UI library -- common files
ii  libbz2-1.0               1.0.2-1                  A high-quality block-sorting file compressor library - runtime
ii  libc6                    2.3.2.ds1-12             GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone data
ii  libcap1                  1.10-12                  support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabilities
ii  libcomerr2               1.35-6                   The Common Error Description library
ii  libcompfaceg1            1989.11.11-24            Compress/decompress images for mailheaders, libc6 runtime
ii  libconsole               0.2.3dbs-52              Shared libraries for Linux console and font manipulation
ii  libcupsimage2            1.1.20final+cvs20040330- Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - image libs
ii  libcupsys2               1.1.20final+cvs20040330- Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - libs
ii  libdb1-compat            2.1.3-7                  The Berkeley database routines [glibc 2.0/2.1 compatibility]
ii  libdb2                         The Berkeley database routines (run-time files).
ii  libdb3                   3.2.9-19.1               Berkeley v3 Database Libraries [runtime]
ii  libdb4.2                 4.2.52-16                Berkeley v4.2 Database Libraries [runtime]
ii  libdbh1.0-1              1.0.15-1                 Creates disk based hashtables
ii  libdns11                 9.2.3+9.2.4-rc2-1        DNS Shared Library used by BIND
ii  libdps1                  4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           Display PostScript (DPS) client library
ii  libenchant1              1.1.4+cvs.2004.05.05-1   a wrapper library for various spell checker engines (library)
ii  libesd0                  0.2.29-1                 Enlightened Sound Daemon - Shared libraries
ii  libexif9                 0.5.12-1                 The EXIF library allows you to parse an EXIF file
ii  libexpat1                1.95.6-4                 XML parsing C library - runtime library
ii  libfam0c102              2.7.0-5                  client library to control the FAM daemon
ii  libfontconfig1           2.2.1-3                  generic font configuration library (shared library)
ii  libfreetype6             2.1.5-2                  FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
ii  libfribidi0              0.10.4-1.1               Free Implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm
ii  libgail-common           1.4.1-1                  GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library -- common modules
ii  libgail17                1.4.1-1                  GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library -- the shared librari
ii  libgcc1                  3.3.3-6                  GCC support library
ii  libgconf2-4              2.6.1-2                  GNOME configuration database system libraries (for GNOME2)
ii  libgcrypt1               1.1.12-4                 LGPL Crypto library - runtime library
ii  libgcrypt7               1.1.90-1.1               LGPL Crypto library - runtime library
ii  libgdbm3                 1.8.3-2                  GNU dbm database routines (runtime version)
ii  libgdbmg1                1.7.3-28                 GNU dbm database routines (runtime version)
ii  libgdk-pixbuf2           0.22.0-3                 The GdkPixBuf image library, gtk+ 1.2 version
ii  libgimp2.0               2.0.1-1                  Libraries necessary to run the GIMP, stable version 2.0
ii  libgimpprint1            4.2.6-4                  The Gimp-Print printer driver library
ii  libgksu0                 1.0.7-1                  a graphical fronted to su library
ii  libglade2-0              2.4.0-1                  Library to load .glade files at runtime
ii  libglib1.2               1.2.10-9                 The GLib library of C routines
ii  libglib2.0-0             2.4.1-2                  The GLib library of C routines
ii  libgnome-keyring0        0.2.1-2                  GNOME keyring services library
ii  libgnome2-0              2.6.1-2                  The GNOME 2 library - runtime files
ii  libgnome2-common         2.6.1-2                  The GNOME 2 library - common files
ii  libgnomecanvas2-0                A powerful object-oriented display - runtime files
ii  libgnomecanvas2-common                A powerful object-oriented display - common files
ii  libgnomeui-0                   The GNOME 2 libraries (User Interface) - runtime files
ii  libgnomeui-common                The GNOME 2 libraries (User Interface) - common files
ii  libgnomevfs2-0                 The GNOME virtual file-system libraries (for GNOME2)
ii  libgnomevfs2-common                The GNOME virtual file-system library common files (for GNOME2)
ii  libgnutls10              1.0.4-3                  GNU TLS library - runtime library
ii  libgnutls7               0.8.12-5                 GNU TLS library - runtime library
ii  libgpg-error0            0.7-1                    library for common error values and messages in GnuPG components
ii  libgpgme6                0.3.16-2                 GPGME - GnuPG Made Easy
ii  libgpmg1                 1.19.6-12.1              General Purpose Mouse Library [libc6]
ii  libgsf-1                 1.8.2-6                  Structured File Library - runtime version
ii  libgtk1.2                1.2.10-16                The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X
ii  libgtk1.2-common         1.2.10-16                Common files for the GTK+ library
ii  libgtk2.0-0              2.4.1-4                  The GTK+ graphical user interface library
ii  libgtk2.0-bin            2.4.1-4                  The programs for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
ii  libgtk2.0-common         2.4.1-4                  Common files for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
ii  libgtkhtml2-0            2.4.1-1                  HTML rendering/editing library - runtime files. (for GNOME2)
ii  libgucharmap3            1.2.0-6                  Unicode browser widget library (shared library)
ii  libice6                  4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           Inter-Client Exchange library
ii  libid3tag0               0.15.0b-1                ID3 tag reading library from the MAD project
ii  libidl0                  0.8.2-1                  library for parsing CORBA IDL files
ii  libisc7                  9.2.3+9.2.4-rc2-1        ISC Shared Library used by BIND
ii  libjpeg62                6b-8                     The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library
ii  libkrb53                 1.3.3-1                  MIT Kerberos runtime libraries
ii  liblcms1                 1.12-2                   Color management library
ii  libldap2                 2.1.30-1                 OpenLDAP libraries
ii  liblinc1                 1.0.3-4                  library to simplify creating networked clients and servers
ii  liblocale-gettext-perl   1.01-17                  Using libc functions for internationalization in Perl
ii  liblwres1                9.2.3+9.2.4-rc2-1        Lightweight Resolver Library used by BIND
ii  liblzo1                  1.08-1                   A real-time data compression library
ii  libmad0                  0.15.0b-1                MPEG audio decoder library
ii  libmagic1                4.02-4                   File type determination library using "magic" numbers
ii  libmagick6                     Image manipulation library (free version)
ii  libmikmod2               3.1.11-2                 A portable sound library
ii  libmng1                  1.0.5-1                  Multiple-image Network Graphics library
ii  libmyspell3              3.1-5                    MySpell spellchecking library
ii  libncurses5              5.4-3                    Shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libnet1                        Library for the construction and handling of network packets
ii  libnetpbm10              10.0-3                   Shared libraries for netpbm
ii  libnewt0.51              0.51.6-3                 Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode windowing with slang
ii  libogg0                  1.1.0-1                  Ogg Bitstream Library
ii  libopencdk8              0.5.3-1                  Open Crypto Development Kit (OpenCDK) (runtime)
ii  liborbit2                2.10.2-1.1               libraries for ORBit2 - a CORBA ORB
ii  libpam-modules           0.76-13                  Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
ii  libpam-runtime           0.76-20                  Runtime support for the PAM library
ii  libpam0g                 0.76-13                  Pluggable Authentication Modules library
ii  libpango1.0-0            1.4.0-3                  Layout and rendering of internationalized text
ii  libpango1.0-common       1.4.0-3                  Modules and configuration files for the Pango
ii  libpaper-utils           1.1.14                   Library for handling paper characteristics (utilities)
ii  libpaper1                1.1.14                   Library for handling paper characteristics
ii  libparted1.6-0           1.6.9-2                  The GNU Parted disk partitioning shared library
ii  libpcap0.7               0.7.2-1                  System interface for user-level packet capture.
ii  libpcre3                 4.5-1.1                  Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - runtime files
ii  libperl5.8               5.8.4-2                  Shared Perl library.
ii  libpisock8               0.11.8-9                 Library for communicating with a PalmOS PDA
ii  libpng10-0               1.0.15-5                 PNG library, older version - runtime
ii  libpng12-0                     PNG library - runtime
ii  libpopt0                 1.7-2                    lib for parsing cmdline parameters
ii  libreadline4             4.3-10                   GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries
ii  librsvg2-2               2.5.0-2                  SAX-based renderer library for SVG files. (for GNOME2)
ii  libsasl2                 2.1.18-4.1               Authentication abstraction library
ii  libsasl7                 1.5.27-3.5               Authentication abstraction library.
ii  libslp1                  1.0.11-7                 OpenSLP libraries
ii  libsm6                   4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System Session Management library
ii  libsmbclient             3.0.4-5                  shared library that allows applications to talk to SMB servers
ii  libspeex1                1.0.rel.3-1              The Speex Speech Codec
ii  libssl0.9.7              0.9.7b-2                 SSL shared libraries
ii  libstartup-notification0 0.6-2                    library for program launch feedback (shared library)
ii  libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2   2.95.4-17                The GNU stdc++ library
ii  libstdc++5               3.3.3-6                  The GNU Standard C++ Library v3
ii  libt1-5                  5.0.2-2                  Type 1 font rasterizer library - runtime
ii  libtasn1-0               0.1.2-1                  Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime)
ii  libtasn1-2               0.2.7-2                  Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime)
ii  libtext-charwidth-perl   0.04-1                   get display widths of characters on the terminal
ii  libtext-iconv-perl       1.2-2                    Convert between character sets in Perl
ii  libtext-wrapi18n-perl    0.06-1                   internationalized substitute of Text::Wrap
ii  libtiff3g                3.5.7-2                  Tag Image File Format library
ii  libungif4g               4.1.0b1-6                shared library for GIF images (runtime lib)
ii  libvorbis0a              1.0.1-1                  The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
ii  libwmf0.2-7              0.2.8-1.1                Windows metafile conversion library
ii  libwrap0                 7.6-ipv6.1-3             Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library
ii  libwvstreams3-base       3.75.0-1                 C++ network libraries for rapid application development
ii  libx11-6                 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System protocol client library
ii  libxaw7                  4.3.0-0ds4               X Athena widget set library
ii  libxcursor1              1.1.3-1                  X cursor management library
ii  libxext6                 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System miscellaneous extension library
ii  libxfce4mcs-client-1     4.0.5-1                  Client library for Xfce4 configure interface
ii  libxfce4mcs-manager-1    4.0.5-1                  Manager library for Xfce4 configure interface
ii  libxfce4util-1           4.0.5-1                  Utility functions library for Xfce4
ii  libxfcegui4-1            4.0.5-1                  Basic GUI C functions for Xfce4
ii  libxft1                  4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           FreeType-based font drawing library for X (version 1)
ii  libxft2                  2.1.2-6                  FreeType-based font drawing library for X
ii  libxi6                   4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System Input extension library
ii  libxml2                  2.6.10-1                 GNOME XML library
ii  libxmu6                  4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System miscellaneous utility library
ii  libxmuu1                 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           lightweight X Window System miscellaneous utility library
ii  libxp6                   4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System printing extension library
ii  libxpm4                  4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X pixmap library
ii  libxrandr2               4.3.0-7                  X Window System Resize, Rotate and Reflection extension library
ii  libxrender1              0.8.3-7                  X Rendering Extension client library
ii  libxt6                   4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Toolkit Intrinsics
ii  libxtrap6                4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System protocol-trapping extension library
ii  libxtst6                 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System event recording and testing extension library
ii  libxv1                   4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System video extension library
ii  lilo                          LInux LOader - The Classic OS loader can load Linux and others
ii  loadlin                  1.6c-0.4                 a loader (running under DOS) for LINUX kernel images
ii  locales                  2.3.2.ds1-12             GNU C Library: National Language (locale) data [support]
ii  login                    4.0.3-28.3               System login tools
ii  loop-aes                 1.7e-1                   AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Kernel module
ii  lufs                     0.9.7captive8            lufs - Linux Userland File System
ii  makedev                  2.3.1-63                 Creates device files in /dev
ii  man-db                   2.4.2-15                 The on-line manual pager
ii  mawk                     1.3.3-11                 a pattern scanning and text processing language
ii  mbr                      1.1.5-1                  Master Boot Record for IBM-PC compatible computers.
ii  mc                       4.6.0-4.6.1-pre1-1       Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager
ii  mdetect                  0.5.2                    mouse device autodetection tool
ii  menu                     2.1.9-1                  Provides update-menus functions for some applications
ii  metamail                 2.7-45.3                 An implementation of MIME
ii  mime-support             3.26-1                   MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', and support programs
ii  mkdesktophdicons-knoppix 0.5-2                    Automatic KDE/GNOME Desktop harddisk icon creator for KNOPPIX
ii  mkisofs                  2.0+a19-6                Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images
ii  modconf                         Device Driver Configuration
ii  module-init-tools        3.0-pre10-4              tools for managing Linux kernel modules
ii  modutils                 2.4.26-1                 Linux module utilities
ii  mount                    2.12-7                   Tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
ii  mouseconfig              0.5-2                    Lightweight mouse configuration tool for Knoppix
ii  mozilla-firefox          0.8-8                    lightweight web browser based on Mozilla
ii  mpg321                      A Free command-line mp3 player, compatible with mpg123
ii  nano                     1.2.3-1                  free Pico clone with some new features
ii  ncurses-base             5.3.20030719-1           Descriptions of common terminal types
ii  ncurses-bin              5.4-3                    Terminal-related programs and man pages
ii  net-tools                1.60-10                  The NET-3 networking toolkit
ii  netbase                  4.13                     Basic TCP/IP networking system
ii  netcardconfig-knoppix    0.5-16                   Minimalistic ncurses/dialog-based network configuration script f
ii  netkit-inetd             0.10-9                   The Internet Superserver
ii  netpbm                   10.0-3                   Graphics conversion tools
ii  nfs-common               1.0.6-1                  NFS support files common to client and server
ii  nmap                     3.50-1                   The Network Mapper
ii  ntfsprogs                200309071734captive1     NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities
ii  ntfsprogs-gnomevfs       1.0.2                    NTFS filesystem library GNOME virtual file-system interface
ri  orinoco                  0.13b-1                  Orinoco and Prism 2 wireless card driver with monitor support
ii  parted                   1.6.9-2                  The GNU Parted disk partition resizing program
ii  partimage                0.6.4-4                  Linux/UNIX utility to save partitions in a compressed image file
ii  passwd                   4.0.3-28.3               Change and administer password and group data
ii  pciutils                 2.1.11-11                Linux PCI Utilities (for 2.*.* kernels)
ii  pcmcia-cs                3.1.33-6                 PCMCIA Card Services for Linux.
ii  pcregrep                 4.5-1.1                  grep utility that uses perl 5 compatible regexes.
ii  perl                     5.8.4-2                  Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language.
ii  perl-base                5.8.4-2                  The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister.
ii  perl-modules             5.8.4-2                  Core Perl modules.
ii  portmap                  5-2.1                    The RPC portmapper
ii  ppp                      2.4.2+20040202-3         Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon
ii  ppp-scripts-knoppix      0.5-2                    PPP connection scripts for various providers
ii  pppconfig                2.3.2                    A text menu based utility for configuring ppp
ii  pppoe                    3.5-3                    PPP over Ethernet driver
ii  pppoeconf                1.0.1                    configures PPPoE/ADSL connections
ii  pppstatus                0.4.2-6                  console-based PPP status monitor
ii  procps                   3.2.1-2                  The /proc file system utilities
ii  psmisc                   21.4-1                   Utilities that use the proc filesystem
ii  psutils                  1.17-17                  A collection of PostScript document handling utilities
ii  realpath                 1.9.10                   Return the canonicalized absolute pathname
ii  rebuildfstab-knoppix     0.5-5                    fstab-rebuilder for KNOPPIX
ii  reiser4progs             0.5.3-1                  Administration utilities for the Reiser4 filesystem
ii  rox                      2.0.1-1                  a simple graphical file manager for X11
ii  rxvt-beta                2.7.8-5                  VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System
ii  scanpartitions-knoppix   0.5-4                    fstab-helper for KNOPPIX
ii  scite                    1.59-1                   Lightweight GTK-based Programming Editor
ii  sed                      4.0.9-3                  The GNU sed stream editor
ii  shared-mime-info         0.14-1          shared MIME database and spec
ii  sharutils                4.2.1-10                 shar, unshar, uuencode, uudecode
ii  shellutils               5.0.91-2                 The GNU shell programming utilities (transitional package)
ii  slang1                   1.4.5-2.1                The S-Lang programming library - runtime version.
ii  slang1a-utf8             1.4.5-2.1                The S-Lang programming library with utf8 support
ii  sodipodi                 0.33-1                   Vector based drawing program
ii  soundcardconfig-knoppix  0.5-2                    Starts sndconfig as root
ii  ssh                      3.8p1-3                  Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH)
ii  sshstart-knoppix         0.5-2                    Starts SSH and sets a password for the knoppix user
ii  startsyslog-knoppix      0.5-1                    Starts syslog server and traces content of /var/log/syslog
ii  sudo                     1.6.7p5-1                Provide limited super user privileges to specific users
ii  sylpheed-claws           0.9.10claws-1            Bleeding edge version of the Sylpheed mail client
ii  sysklogd                 1.4.1-14                 System Logging Daemon
ii  sysutils                       Miscellaneous small system utilities.
ii  sysvinit                 2.84-180                 System-V like init with KNOPPIX scripts.
hc  sysvinit-knoppix         2.84-1                   System-V like init with KNOPPIX scripts.
ii  tar                      1.13.93-4                GNU tar
ii  tcpd                     7.6-ipv6.1-3             Wietse Venema's TCP wrapper utilities
ii  textutils                5.0.91-2                 The GNU text file processing utilities (transitional package)
ii  tinyirc                  1.1-9                    a tiny IRC client
ii  traceroute               1.4a12-14                Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP/IP network.
ii  unzip                    5.50-3                   De-archiver for .zip files
ii  usbutils                 0.11-1                   USB console utilities
ii  usbview                  1.0-5                    USB device viewer
ii  usleep-knoppix           0.5-1                    sleeps for a number of microseconds, see man 3 usleep
ii  util-linux               2.12-6                   Miscellaneous system utilities
ii  vim                      6.2-426+1                Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
ii  vim-common               6.2-426+1                Vi IMproved - Common files
ii  wget                     1.9.1-4                  retrieves files from the web
ii  whiptail                 0.51.4-14                Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts
ii  wvdial                   1.54.0-1                 PPP dialer with built-in intelligence
ii  xbase-clients            4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           miscellaneous X clients
ii  xcdroast                 0.98+0alpha15-1          X based CD-writer software
ii  xdialog                  2.0.6-3                  X11 replacement for the text util dialog
ii  xdm                      4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X display manager
ii  xf86config-knoppix       0.8-5                    XFree86 template config files and setup program for knoppix
ii  xfce4                    4.0.5-1                  Installs XFce4 core and scripts to set it up
ii  xfce4-artwork            0.0.4-3                  Additional artwork for the XFce4 Desktop Environment
ii  xfce4-iconbox            4.0.5-1                  Iconbox for the Xfce4 Desktop Environment
ii  xfce4-mcs-manager        4.0.5-1                  Settings manager for Xfce4
ii  xfce4-mcs-plugins        4.0.5-1                  Special modules for the xfce4-mcs-manager
ii  xfce4-mixer              4.0.5-1                  XFce4 Mixer frontend
ii  xfce4-panel              4.0.5-2                  The Xfce4 desktop environment panel
ii  xfce4-session            0.1.3+20031213-2         XFce4 Session Manager
ii  xfce4-themes               Theme files for Xfce4
ii  xfce4-trigger-launcher   4.0.5-1                  Panel plugin to start/stop programs
ii  xfce4-utils              4.0.5-2                  Various tools for XFce
ii  xfdesktop4               4.0.5-1                  Provides desktop background and root menu
ii  xffm4                    4.0.5-1                  File manager for the Xfce4 desktop environment
ii  xffm4-icons                Icons for xffm4, the FM of XFce4
ii  xfonts-75dpi             4.3.0-0ds4               75 dpi fonts for X
ii  xfonts-base              4.3.0-0ds4               standard fonts for X
ii  xfprint4                 4.0.5-1                  Printer GUI for Xfce4
ii  xfree86-common           4.3.0-0ds4               X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
ii  xfsprogs                 2.6.11-1                 Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem
ii  xfwm4                          window manager of the XFce project
ii  xfwm4-themes               Theme files for xfwm4
ii  xlibmesa-gl              4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           Mesa 3D graphics library [XFree86]
ii  xlibmesa-glu             4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           Mesa OpenGL utility library [XFree86]
ii  xlibs                    4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System client libraries metapackage and XKB data
ii  xlibs-data               4.3.0-0ds4               X Window System client data
ii  xloadimage               4.1-13                   Graphics file viewer under X11
ii  xmms                     1.2.10-1                 Versatile X audio player that looks like Winamp
ii  xpdf                     3.00-7                   Portable Document Format (PDF) suite
ii  xpdf-common              3.00-7                   Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- common files
ii  xpdf-reader              3.00-7                   Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- viewer for X11
ii  xpdf-utils               3.00-7                   Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- utilities
ii  xserver-common           4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           files and utilities common to all X servers
ii  xserver-xfree86          4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           the XFree86 X server
ii  xsession-initscript-knop 0.5-12                   Starts X-Window system from INIT on KNOPPIX
ii  xsession-knoppix         0.5-51                   Automatic Xsession startup script for KNOPPIX
pi  xterm                    4.3.0-0ds4               X terminal emulator
ii  xutils                   4.3.0.dfsg.1-1           X Window System utility programs
ii  zlib1g                   1.2.1-5                  compression library - runtime

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